Introducing the only exfoliant you'll ever need

I am proud to announce the second of many products soon to be introduced to the Alchemy Holistics line of skincare. Introducing the Rhassoul Clay & Soapwort face exfoliant! This product has just two ingredients making it a simple yet very effective facial exfoliator gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, but will still please your face scrub addicts! 

Rhassoul Clay Used for over 1200 years in North Africa and the Middle East, this clay will show great improvement in the skin due to its high absorption properties removing unwanted oils and impurities. Studies have shown a significant reduction of dryness and flakiness, as well as improved clarity, texture, elasticity, and firmness. 

Soapwort Root A member of the clove family, this ingredient gets its name from its natural lathering and cleaning properties. 

When water is added to form a paste, this exfoliant will lift dead skin away, removing dirt and oil while detoxifying your skin. It can also be left on as a mask! And you don't just have to use water as the mixing agent. Get creative with milk, yogurt, fresh fruit juices, honey... the list goes on!

Soon to be available on the website but for sale now at FIT + FLOW YOGA . 

If you live in the the NYC area this Saturday, 11/15 from 11am-2pm please join me at the studio for Mimosa, muffins, and my PRODUCT LAUNCH PARTY! 

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