Our founder Gina Pulisciano offers a wide range of services available in both Manhattan + Brooklyn. Please contact us for more details regarding booking a private yoga or Reiki session. Also available for corporate events. 



Offering facials at  Smith + Brit, in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan and Usha Veda Yoga in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Please visit their website for details in booking a facial with Gina. 




As a certified yoga teacher of 6 years, Gina offers a wide range of styles. She currently teaches group classes in both Brooklyn + Manhattan and is available for private + group sessions. 


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Described as an "energy massage", the placement of hands, crystals, + essential oils are used to remove blockages in the body + mind that keep you from being your best you. 




There is a 12 hr cancelation policy for all facial and reiki appointments. Credit card information will be asked for upon booking appointments and will not be charged unless cancelation policy is  broken. Canceling within the 12 hr policy means your card will be charged a fee of $25. Canceling within 2 hrs of appointment and no-shows will be charged the full amount.  Please arrive 5-10 mins prior to your scheduled time. Being late up to 15 minutes is permissible though the time you miss will not be made up. After 15 mins late with no notice you will lose your appointment and your credit card will be charged the full amount of the service.