What is Ayurveda?

Image Ayurveda is a 5000 year old healing system from India promoting optimal health with the philosophy of balancing our physical, mental, and emotional selves, resulting in overall wellness.

In Ayurveda we are categorized to fit into one of three different mind/body types, or "Doshas". Usually we can find we relate to two of the three Doshas, with one being more dominant than the other. There are several considerations to take when finding out your Dosha. The first category has to do with your physical type, your body, thus the characteristics which do not change. The second, third, and forth categories are changeable and have to do with our mind, emotions, the ways we react to our environment, and the ways our environment causes us to react.  To learn more about Ayurveda, and to find out which Dosha you are, I would suggest the book Ayurveda & Aromatherapy by Dr. Light Miller.

The three Dosha types

Vata: Physically the Vata Dosha is usually a small boned, thin person that is either on the tall or short side. They tend to tan easily when in the sun and have dark hair that is either thick or sparse, but usually wavy or curly. Vata types tend to get cold easily, and their skin type is dry. In terms of personality a Vata may have a short attention span and needs to work on concentration, focus, and patience. They are friendly, adaptable people but also tend to be nervous and anxious.

Pitta: Pittas are usually of an average build with light eyes and fair skin and have a tendency to burn and/or freckle. Their hair is light and most redheads usually fit into this Dosha type. Pittas may have experienced Acne in their teens and have more sensitive or problem skin in their adulthood, possibly Rosacea. Pittas have strong personalities and are good leaders. However, an imbalanced Pitta may have anger issues.

Kapha: When it comes to Kapha types, they are usually larger boned with a fuller figure. Their hair is thick, shiny and healthy, and like Vata, tans easily. Kapha skin is on the oily side and it is very important to exfoliate regularly because they tend to get enlarged, congested pores without a proper skincare regimen. Kaphas are excellent listeners and have a terrific memory. They are also patient, calm, loyal, and know how to really think things through. If imbalanced, a Kapha has a tendency to become lazy and sluggish. They can also over think situations and therefore are sensitive and take things personal.

This is just a quick introduction to Ayurveda and the Doshas. Ayurveda is all about trying to find the balance of the three. As I mentioned before, environment plays a big role in our Dosha types, which is why our skin may dry out in the winter or how we may crave light, cooling foods in the summer. More to come on how to balance your Doshas in every season!