Skincare Bootcamp! 5 fixes for getting your skin in shape post-summer


More so then the turn of the New Year, I have always looked at fall as a fresh start. Those anxious feelings anticipating the first day of school and what would come in the new school year, the September issue of Vogue inspiring your new fall look, and of course, the obvious change of the season (summer, we hate to see you go!) So as the leaves begin to change, as well as our wardrobe and our mindset, so does our skin. Here are 5 solutions to treat your post-summer skin woes:

Problem: acne
Solution: cleanser

Yes, a proper cleanser is very important. I recommend morning and night. Wash your face with clean hands in circular motions, rinse, and gently dry with a face towel or shammy. (Never be aggressive with your scrubbing, it can cause acne bacteria to spread!)Also, look for a cleanser free of moisture stripping Sulfates or cancer causing Parabens!

Problem: Enlarged pores
Solution: Exfoliant

Though we cannot change the size of our pores, the humidity in the summer months can expand their appearance allowing sweat, BB Cream, and everything else we put on our faces to to get in keeping them looking that way! Exfoliating regularly keeps this from happening by sloughing away dead skin, oil, and product buildup, and making it easier for our moisturizers to penetrate. Look for something gentle, and use it 1-2 times per week always at night. Clay masks also work. As I said with cleanser, you should never be aggressive on your face. If you're using that drugstore apricot scrub I would suggest making it your new body scrub and finding something else for the face (harsh scrubs can actually cause tiny micro-tears which can permanently make pores look larger!) Micro-beads are also not suggested because they are bad for the environment. 

Problem: Sun Damaged Skin
Solution: Serums

As much as many of us try to protect our skin in the summer months, it always seems by the end of the season we have more freckles on our face then what we began with. If you have unwanted dark spots, look for a brightening serum. Brightening serums work by getting deep into the skin and breaking up pigmentation, moving it up to the surface where it can be sloughed away. Look for ingredients like Mulberry, Bilberry, Vitamin A & C, and Reishi Mushroom Extract. Avoid ingredients like Hydroquinone, which is a cancer causing chemical ingredient that when over used, can actually cause more hyperpigmentation! No matter what you choose as your brightening serum, make sure to always use sunscreen!

Problem: Dry/ Dehydrated Skin
Solution: Moisturizer

If you are reading this and you still don't moisturize, its time to start. Regardless of your skin type, everyone needs moisturizer, it's just about finding the right one for you! Long term dehydration can cause premature aging, and nobody wants that! 

Problem: Dull, lackluster skin
Solution: A facial!

Getting regular facials along with doing all of the above is your ticket to beautiful, healthy skin. Facials are recommended every 4-6 weeks to help keep the pores clean and help your products work the way they're supposed to! If 4-6 weeks is not an option for you, when the seasons change is your next best choice, since this is when our skin is usually the craziest. 

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