4 Reasons You Need Professional Facials



If you subscribe to my newsletter and read my blog, you probably care about how your skin looks. You may be following my tips of moisturizing daily, and exfoliating a couple times a week. While these are all important steps in achieving healthy skin, there’s nothing like getting a professional facial. Paying for a professional facial may seem like a luxury, but here are four good reasons you should indulge on a regular basis.

Skin Analysis

Many people self-define their skin type, and most get it wrong. You may think you have sensitive skin, when in fact, you are just reacting to your skincare products or environmental pollutants. Maybe you think your acne is oil related, when it’s really something in your diet. When you go to a professional for an organic facial, they will begin the session with an evaluation to determine what factors may be contributing to any skin issues you are experiencing and then develop an overall plan to address those issues. They will also select the right treatment and products for your facial based on the evaluation.

Professional extractions

We aren’t licensed in this for nothing! I know it may be tempting to squeeze your pimples, but chances are, you aren’t doing it correctly. Did the pimple come back in the same spot? You didn’t get it all out! Not to mention the scarring you can be causing by picking at your skin. Estheticians are trained in extractions throughout their education (I should know; I was an esthetics instructor!) A good esthetician continues to learn the art of extractions well into their career. That being said, leave it to the professionals.

Professional Facial Massage

A good esthetician has a variety of massage techniques in their tool belt. Lymphatic massage to release toxins, face lift massage to lift and tone the skin, not to mention it feels fantastic! Many estheticians (including myself) not only massage the face, but the neck, shoulders, arms, hands, sometimes the scalp and feet as well! Many people I know will go for a facial over a massage for that reason! You’re getting your skin cleaned out and getting a massage!

Products and an At-Home Care Plan Developed Just for You

Skin care professionals are trained to recommend the right professional products and services for you to meet your specific needs. They can also recommend the correct skin care routine for you to use at home. This information can be a turning point for many clients. Using the right products and caring for your skin in the right way based on the specific needs of your skin is a critical step to having a beautiful, glowing complexion.

Reaping The Benefits at Home

Just because you splurged on that professional facial, doesn’t mean your skin woes will forever seize to exist. Now it’s up to you. Listen to the advice your esthetician gave you in regards to taking care of your skin. If he or she thinks your acne comes from diet, do a detox and see. Follow the at-home skincare regimen they recommended. Speaking of recommendation, for optimal results, we think it’s best you come see us monthly. If it’s not in your means, at least every 3 months, or when the seasons change. Getting regular facials will help you address the changes that occur, guaranteeing your skin will always look it’s best. Find an organic facial near me

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