Ingredient Spotlight: Bromelain


What is Bromelain?

Bromelain is an active, protein digesting enzyme found in Instagram's favorite fruit, the pineapple. You might have been told pineapple is great for digestion. That is because Bromelain will break down what is already in your stomach. Bromelain is also known to have a variety of other health benefits from treating inflammation to helping sinus problems, and overall immunity strength building. 

How does Bromelain work in skincare?

Bromelain is used for its natural exfoliating properties. When you see a natural skincare product boasting its "fruit enzymes", Bromelain is usually one of them. When applied to the skin, bromelain will break down dead skin cells and clean out the pores, just how it breaks down the food in our stomachs. 

What is chemical exfoliation?

Bromelain in skincare, is known to be a natural form of chemical exfoliation. A chemical exfoliant can be applied like a mask, leaving it on for a certain amount of time as it dissolves dead skin cells. Chemical exfoliants are great for people with acne since you're not manipulating the product, or "scrubbing" your skin with it, like a mechanical, or physical exfoliant (the scrubby, gritty ones). 

When should I use a product with Bromelain?

Like any suggested exfoliant, a chemical exfoliant can be used 1-3 times a week, and always at night. It is not recommended to use straight Bromelain extract or pineapple directly on the skin. Alone it is very acidic and can strip the skin's acid mantle. 

Where can I find Bromelain?

Bromelain is one of the star ingredients in our GLOW Superfruit Enzyme Mask

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