5 Easy Morning Rituals You Should Do Everyday


I know that in the information age, the first thing we are inclined to do when we wake up is reach for the cell phone (hopefully it's at least on the nightstand and not actually in your bed with you!) Before you reach for that phone in the morning, try these 5 things first to start your day with a little more calm and ease. 


1. Wake up with the sun.

If you sleep with heavy curtains, pull those babies back as soon as you wake up and let the sun shine in. This will help get your circadian rhythm back on track. Even if you’re not jumping out of bed right away, get those curtains open! (Even better, no curtains at all and let the sun wake you up but unfortunatley city life rules this one out for me).


2. Journal

I keep a journal by my bed that I like to write in every morning. I usually just start with my list of daily “to-do’s” followed by some conscious flow of thought. Sometimes it a dream I had, sometimes it’s something that’s been bothing me, or something I’m greatful for. I like doing this because I feel like it helps to set the tone for my day.


3. Tongue Scraping

As soon as I’m out of my bed I scrape my tongue. Tongue scraping comes from the 5000 year old practice Ayurveda. As we sleep, toxins from our body accumulate on our tongues (gross right?) Tongue scrapers are easy to use, and if you get a copper one, self cleaning (just rinse with water). I believe in tongue scrapers so much I started selling them on my website. You can purchase your own here.


4. Lemon Water

After I scrape my tongue I squeeze half a lemon into an 8oz. glass of tepid water. This is a great way to kickstart the digestive system and also rehydrate your body after a night of sleep.


5. Meditation

Depending on my morning, I usually try to meditate at least 10 minutes a day. I like to begin with a little gentle, seated stretching, maybe cat/cow as well to get the energy flowing. Then I’ll find a comfortable seat, begin to focus on my breathing, and let the thoughts come and go. There are lots of guided meditation apps out there, including Insight Timer, where you can choose from a guided meditation or just a timer.

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