Your Ultimate Guide to Face Mapping

Illustration by Barbie Frudakis

Illustration by Barbie Frudakis

In a lot of ways, being an esthetician is like being a detective for the skin. Find an organic facial near me. Like any good detective I ask my clients a lot of leading questions to get closer to solving the problem. I also use tried and true practices and tools. One of these things is the ancient eastern practice of face mapping.


What is Face Mapping?

Face maps originate from both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. When we have a build-up of toxins in the body, much of the time these toxins will show up on your face, in the form of various skin conditions such as acne, inflammation, or eczema.


Below is a detailed explanation of the chart:

SMALL INTESTINE (forehead): Digestion issues. Something you are eating is not agreeing with your body. Possibly a food allergy.

BLADDER (sides of forehead & chin): Not necessarily a bladder problem, could be as simple as drinking more water.

LIVER (between the eyebrows & under eye area): Breakouts between the brows can indicate too much alcohol and sometimes dairy. This can show up in the under eye area as dark circles and/or puffiness.

KIDNEYS (under eye area & chin): Same as the liver, This area can indicate too much alcohol but also caffeine (coffee, soda).

LUNGS (cheeks): Smokers can have problems in the cheek area that will show up as acne, inflammation/redness, dehydration, and overall dullness. Breakouts here can also be from general breathing problems linked to stress.

SPLEEN (above the lip): As the largest organ in the Lymphatic System, breaking out here means toxin build-up in the body. Usually linked to more acne in other areas on the face.

HEART (nose): Can note high blood pressure, also linked to stress.

STOMACH & COLON (Cheeks & Chin): Similar to the small intestine, this has to do with something you’re eating. Try a detox.

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM (Jawline): Your period. Other causes are birth control or another medication effecting your hormonal balance, Non- organic meat or dairy that was injected with hormones that can effect your own, or just plain stress.


As I mentioned before, a face map is just one of the clues you can use to solve the reasons for your skin woes. Hope I've helped you get one step closer for solving yours!



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