3 ways to reset your skin post-summer


Many of us love our skin in the summer. Maybe we got a little color, or maybe your winter acne dried out. However by the time we hit the end of summer, that combination of sweat, heat, and sunscreen may have began effecting our skin in unsavory ways. (I don’t remember that sun spot?

So what’s the best way get your skin ready for fall? Here are ways I promise that will kick things off in the right direction.


Amp Up Your Exfoliation

The best way to get your skin glowing again is by exfoliating. We love both manual and chemical exfoliants. Start with our Cleansing Clay and then apply the GLOW mask Start once a week and move onto twice a week, and always at night.


Layer on the Moisture

After sloughing off that dull skin, apply a super hydrating moisturizer such as our In Bloom Hydrating Lotion. Let it sink in, and then apply a face oil to seal the moisture in and add more benefits. Our Pumpkin + Carrot Antioxidant Oil is loaded with Vitamins A, C, + E, powerful antioxidants that will get your summer skin into recovery in no time.


Get A Professional Facial

As an esthetician, founder Gina Pulisciano believes in the importance of regular facials. Finding someone who does organic facials (meaning using organic/natural products) or Ayurvedic facials, or even facials for sensitive skin would be your best bet, even if you don’t think you have sensitive skin. If you can’t afford a monthly facial, getting one when the seasons change, like right now, is the best time. (Find a facial near me).

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