How not to have peeling, flaky skin this summer

Backyard BBQs. Park meet-ups. Rooftop parties. Weekends at the beach. When the weather is nice, we want to be outside, and why wouldn’t we? But as much as we love the sun, we also need to stay protected from it. Be that as it may, sometimes we forget our sunscreen, or forget to reapply. Some of us (gasp!) choose to forgo it completely.

I am not writing this to be the sunscreen police. This letter is in regards to the aftermath of a day in the sun. I’m talking about the peeling, the flaking, the pilling of our sunburned or tanned skin. What can be worse than toweling off after a shower only to be brushing away the residue of dead skin from our clean body? If this problem sounds familiar I’d like to solve it for you in just two words: body scrub.

Great to use year round, body scrubs are especially necessary in the summer to address that post tan peeling. And if you’re more of a self-tanner babe, exfoliating before your application is always recommended for a streak-free, sun-kissed glow.

My Alchemy Holistics brown sugar and coconut body scrub exfoliates dead skin cells with a blend of organic sugars while at the same time nourishing and hydrating your body with the powers of organic coconut oil.

It also smells good enough to eat, and with 100% organic ingredients, you probably could, but I don’t think your dentist would condone it.