Alchemy Holistics proudly uses Lavender by the Bay lavender

I originally stumbled upon Lavender by the Bay at the Union Square Market here in NYC. Located on the North Fork of Long Island, Lavender by the Bay is a family run farm and one of the biggest lavender farms in the United States. Aside from their gorgeous lavender fields, they also have bee hives and make their own honey! 

We use Lavender by the Bay's lavender flowers in our Lavender Tea Tree Clarifying Toner. Every batch is made from steeping the lavender in organic witch hazel for at least 2 weeks before using. The result is the a toner thats amber in color, with a beautiful lavender (and tea tree) scent that couldn't be more natural. Because of how homemade this product is, lavender sediment will gather at the bottom of the bottle so it is recommended to shake before using.

For more information on Lavender by the Bay products or information on visiting the farm for yourself, visit their website

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