Day 2: vegan + gluten-free

     Today was a lot harder than yesterday. I started my morning with my usual lemon water I drink on a daily basis (lukewarm water, a half a lemon). What I did not have was coffee. I thought it would be easier after I made an energy boosting smoothie, but alas, I really could have used that caffeine. 

     After that, my boyfriend and I were meeting up with a couple of his friends to see a movie. Afterwards, they wanted to grab dinner with us, then quickly apologized remembering I was on a detox. I felt cranky. The two of us went home where I heated up some Kitchari. Pete made a grilled cheese, my favorite. The sound of the "crunch" was driving me mad. I then had 2 cups of tea, first a ginger tea by Yogi followed by the Senna tea, which is a laxative tea. Then I went to bed, just in time for the caffeine withdrawal headache kicking in. 

Here's the smoothie I made that day:





Pear-Kale-Banana Smoothie

-1/2 banana, frozen

-1/2 a pear, chopped

-handful of kale

-palmful of walnuts

-1/4 tsp bee pollen

-1/4 tsp chaga mushroom powder

1/2 tsp flaxseed powder

-1/4 tsp Ashwagandha powder

- hemp milk up to blender line

Put all ingredients except hemp milk in blender or blender cup with kale, walnuts, and powders at top. Fill with hemp milk. Blend until smooth. 



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