Day 3: Ayurvedic Mastercleanse

     If you've ever drank laxative tea, you know all about the stomach cramps. This is how I started day 3. Pete didn't leave for work yet, and without saying a word, I darted by him in our small apartment towards the bathroom. Once he left for work, I did the salt water flush. The salt water flush is part of a cleanse known as the Mastercleanse, which was a very trendy cleanse 10 years ago when Beyonce did it. Is that what Lemonade is about?

     The salt water flush consists of drinking a quart of purified, lukewarm salt water. Sounds awesome right? A quart is roughly two tall glasses of water, each with a teaspoon of salt. You have to chug it. I recommend holding your nose to keep the gag reflex in check. Thats when the real fun begins. After the multiple trips to the bathroom that followed, it seemed like nothing else could possibly come out of my butt but brown water. 

     Before heading out the door, I made my own variation of the Mastercleanse drink, what I like to call the "Ayurvedic Mastercleanse". I made enough of it to last me the entire day and kept it in a large reusable water bottle. When I got home, I made a berry detox tea from Yogi, then left the house yet again for my Monday night private yoga session. I continued to finish off my cleanse drink, then capped the night off with a glass of that "stimulating" Senna tea.

Gina's Ayurvedic Mastercleanse drink

-the juice of 2 lemons

-1 Tbsp Braggs apple cider vinegar

-6 Tbsp honey, preferably local

-1 tsp turmeric

-1 tsp cayenne pepper

-2 inch piece of ginger, peeled

- 32 oz filtered water

Add lemon juice and ginger to blender and blend until smooth. Add mixture to drinking container, followed by ACV, honey, turmeric, and cayenne pepper. Add water. Shake it up! This should last you all day. 




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