Day 4: Ayurvedic Mastercleanse again?

     So I woke up before dawn with that lovely tea doing its thing. Surprisingly, more stuff was exiting my body the next day. It wasn't much, and it had a strange consistency and color, so I could only assume it was stuff that was maybe stuck to the sides of my colon for a while. My dear readers, this is why I do this! 

     After day 2 of the salt water flush, I drank another cup of the berry detox tea, then made my cleanse drink for the day, which was another long day out. At around 4pm, I took a cleanse break and had a peppermint tea, then I was off to my Tuesday yoga private client's place. I had time in between seeing my client and teaching a class, so I took a class as well! It was a power yoga class, that I took at my own pace with, as in, lots of child's pose. I was feeling more lightheaded than powerful that day to be honest. 

    After I taught class in the city, I went back home where I finished the last of my daily drink, had another glass of Senna tea, and went right to bed. 

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