Day 7: Solid Food

     I woke up this morning and had my first real "movement" in a while, so that was great. Must have been those tortilla chips! I then had a glass of lemon water followed by a cup of Yogi tea. This one was called "Positive Energy" and has caffeine. I made a green smoothie, and then went hours before eating after that, since I was busy doing errands. 

     When I got home at 4pm, I was ready to put some real food in my stomach. I was going to a birthday party that evening and knew the temptations would be too great to handle on a detox. I decided it was time to introduce gluten back into my diet. 

     I made a sandwich. It was on 7-grain bread I buy from the Polish bakery in my neighborhood. The sandwich was a smashed chickpea salad with lots of veggies (recipe below). It was a small sandwich and it was perfect. I felt full and my body wasn't hating me for it, success! I even went to the bathroom for a second time in a day, about an hour after eating. I felt more regular than I ever been.

     That night, Pete and I went to the birthday party where I immediately noticed a full cheeseboard. Folks, this is the end of the story. I ate cheese, I drank a glass of wine, and I had a big slice of Tiramisu (which surprisingly, was gluten-free). 

     I originally wrote this the morning after, and I actually felt pretty great. I went to the bathroom again (still soft but I think my body was still learning how to poop again) and instead of having coffee, I made a cup of caffeinated tea. I'm going to try it out for a while and see if I can make the switch. 

     Tomorrow will be my last post of this series, written 1 week post detox, explaining my thoughts on the detox and how I'm feeling now. Below is my recipe for chickpea salad.


Chickpea Salad

-1 can chickpeas, smashed

-1 Tbsp fresh parsley, chopped

-1 Tbsp red onion, chopped

-1 Tbsp dried cranberries

- 1/4 tsp Herbs De Province

-1/4 tsp celery salt

-1/4 tsp ground pepper

1 Tbsp Mayonaise

-Combine all ingredients in a box and mix them together like tuna salad. That's it! I ate mine on 9-grain bread with sliced cucumber, avocado, and tomato. Enjoy!






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