After the detox: 1 week later

     So in the days that followed, I started going back to my normal diet but some things have changed. I still start each day with a glass of lukewarm lemon water but instead of my morning coffee, I have successfully switched to tea. I also still make smoothies for breakfast almost every morning. I am back to eating cheese and bread. I had a few drinks this week. 

     Am I noticing a difference after the detox? Yes and no. I do look at food in a different way. I'm much more inclined to make something healthy to eat over a grilled cheese sandwich. My body is still my body. I still have allergies, I still have a whack digestion system. I think what I learned more than anything was portion size and being careful not to overdo it. I am in fact, a little lady that has eyes bigger than her belly. 

     That being said, I truly enjoy food and will continue to eat anything I want in moderation (except meat of course, but I don't want that). Thanks to everyone who read this blog series. I plan on doing this type of thing again in the future. For now however, I gotta go back to making skincare. 

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