Toiletry Bag Essentials: What to Bring on your Next Trip

Alchemy Holistics lookin' pretty on its trip to the Amalfi Coast this May. 

Alchemy Holistics lookin' pretty on its trip to the Amalfi Coast this May. 

Let's face it, packing sucks. Every time I think about how I've streamlined my packing game, there I am, with a bag full of outfits I'm not going to wear, and a few pairs of underwear too short. That being said, I am not the person to streamline your packing game (it's more likely you could help streamline mine!) What I can help you with, is how to pack your toiletry bag to keep your skin clear and hydrated on your next trip. 

Sunscreen is a necessity for any summer trip. Choose one with natural SPF ingredients like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. Any other active sunscreen ingredient is chemical, and though the verdict isn't in yet in regards to the harmful affects on chemical sunscreens, it still may be best to steer clear. My suggestion? Badger Balm makes a good sunscreen.

Face Cleanser is essential for your daily skincare routine so don't leave home without it. Make sure to wash your sunscreen off nightly to prevent breakouts. Ultra-Gentle Face Cleanser is the perfect choice since it not only thoroughly removes sunscreen and makeup, it won't leave your skin with that dry, tight feeling a lot of cleansers cause. 

Toner truly is a must-have for any trip, especially if you're taking a skin dehydrating flight anywhere. In Bloom is perfect for hydration and our Lavender + Tea Tree Toner is perfect for an active, sweaty day in the sun. 

Face Oil makes the perfect moisturizer, even in the summer. Our Antioxidant Oil has the vitamins and minerals you need to keep you looking fresh, and is perfect even under makeup. 

A good Face Mask will keep your skin in tip-top shape while you're away. Glow is perfect because it does so much... it's antibacterial, its hydrating, exfoliating, and bursting with antioxidants. 

We've always been a little obsessed with travel sizes. If you don't stockpile travel sized bottles like me, the drugstore is a great place to pick some up. We'll be coming out with travel sizes soon. :)

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