Preventing your next breakout, the Ayurvedic way!

So you wash, tone and moisturize your face (using Alchemy Holistics, of course!) everyday and exfoliate 3x a week. So why are you still breaking out?

According to Ayurveda, a 5000 year old holistic practice from India, good skin begins from within. Aside from the importance of eating right and drinking plenty of water, it's also important to do what we can to remove the toxins in our body that could pop up on our face, literally. Here are 6 easy, healthy habits to pick up introducing Ayurveda, and clearer skin, into your life.


Scrape your tongue. Do it first thing in the morning, even before you drink water. While we sleep, toxins accumulate on our tongues. Gross right? That's why it's important to scrape the tongue first thing so we aren't washing those toxins right back into our body! Get one that's copper. They're super cheap and and available on Amazon, like this one here

Drinking lukewarm water w/ lemon. This should be the first thing you put into your body every morning. Lemon water trigger's the body's natural detox functions and helps aid in the removal of impurities. 

Adding Turmeric into your daily diet. Turmeric helps to fight inflammation which is a trigger of acne.  I put a quarter of a teaspoon into my smoothies everyday.

A solid night's sleep. Cellular turnover happens when we sleep. If you're not getting sleep, you'll be more prone to acne because the dead skin will build up, instead of shedding. 

Get on the mat. A regular yoga practice will include plenty of poses that not only reduce stress, but eliminate toxins from the body. (Stay tuned for a later blog post on what those poses are!)


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