Ingredient Spotlight: Pumpkin Seed Oil


Tis the season for all things pumpkin! Whether it’s savory like a pumpkin soup or sweet like pumpkin pie, I must admit, I love fall and I love pumpkin! Did you know pumpkin is also a superfood? Just like carrots and sweet potatoes, pumpkin is rich a plethora of antioxidants including Beta-carotene, and Vitamin A, the anti-aging vitamin. Most of these health benefits are concentrated in the seeds. I personally, love pumpkin seeds and use them all year round. I toast them, sprinkle them on my salad, and even mix them into burritos, wraps, and my tofu salad for that extra crunch factor. This should make it no surprise why pumpkin seed oil is so beneficial to the skin.


Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits

 There’s no doubt about it, pumpkin seed oil is tremendous for the skin. Being a seed oil, it is noncomedogenic, meaning it will not clog your pores.

Other skin benefits include:


  • Improves tone and texture of skin

  • Supports skin cell renewal, anti-aging

  • Firms + tightens skin

  • Antixodiant-rich, neutralizing environmental skin stressors

  • Hydrates dry skin while controlling oily skin

  • Anti-inflammatory, great for sensitive skin + controlling acne breakouts alike


The pumpkin seed oil we use in our Pumpkin + Carrot Antioxidant Oil is cold pressed and organic making it the highest quality you can find. It’s safe to use around the eyes and we love to massage it into our necks as well. If you’re reading this in the Brooklyn area, come try it for yourself and get our Autumn Signature facial, available through November in our treatment room.

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