DIY Turmeric Brightening Mask


Here’s a fun fact about me: unlike other traditional household spices, I buy Turmeric by the pound. I use it in everything! Every morning I add a teaspoon to my smoothies, I use it in my tofu recipes, I make Detox tonics and Golden Milk, and of course curries. Why do I use turmeric so much? It’s an Ayurvedic superfood, that’s why!

 In India, Turmeric has been a pantry staple for thousands of years. It’s an antioxidant, but also an anti-inflammatory, keeping us healthy and living longer. Turmeric is also amazing for our skin too.

Here are some of the benefits of Turmeric when used topically:

  • Minimizes skin discoloration/hyperpigmentation

  • Calms inflammation/redness

  • Fights acne due to its antiseptic properties

  • Regulates oil production (good for oily skin)


Take note, a turmeric mask may not be suitable for all skin tones. Though the benefits of turmeric are universal, it may temporarily stain fair skin, causing a sallow complexion. However for women with medium to dark skin tones, a turmeric mask will leave the skin with a radiant glow! Try the recipe below and let me know what you think! I recommend this mask to anyone with dark spots/discoloration.

 Turmeric Brightening Mask

-¼ tsp ground turmeric

-¼ cup plain greek yogurt

-¼ tsp Manuka Honey (or other high quality honey, like Neem)


Mix all ingredients together and apply to the skin for 10 mins. Rinse and moisturize as usual. It is not recommended to store extra mask as this will spoil quickly.

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