Crystals: Healing tool or New Age Hype?


Let me be frank with you... I am a cynical girl who fell into the New Age world. You see, I was raised in Boston and for the past 13 years called NYC my home. I am East Coast through and through!

Working in the skincare industry however, and then the last 6 years teaching yoga, I’ve been introduced to a lot of esoteric stuff. Some of this stuff it’s hard for me not to roll my eyes at it, while other practices really blew my mind.

Crystals for me were neither of those things, but I was curious.

First of all, they’re so beautiful. It’s hard not to walk into a crystal shop and feel good surrounded by all that beauty. I started collecting stones based on that alone. I wanted to be able to surround my space with beautiful objects. Many times I was drawn to hold the crystals too. This I have learned, was no coincidence.

Crystals carry a vibration that when in contact with the skin, syncs up with our own energy. I first learned this when I held a piece of Carnelian in my hands and closed my eyes. Carnelian, a vibrant orange stone, often with white rings, is known to help boost confidence. It is also known to have one of the most powerful vibrations when it comes to crystals, something I later discovered.

This lead me on a path to want to learn more about crystals and their benefits. They say just like a cat in a shelter, crystals pick you and not the other way around. I have been drawn to particular stones only to find out after purchasing them that they were exactly what I needed at that time.

As an esthetician, I obviously wanted to do some research on what stones were meant to benefit the skin. I already used a rose quartz facial roller in my services, meant to cool and detoxify the skin. What else would be out there for me to discover?


Crystal Grids

Upon further research on crystals, I found out that when certain crystals are placed around each other, they help raise each others vibrations in a way they couldn’t on their own. These are what are known as “crystal grids”. Reiki practioners and other types of energy healers like to arrange crystals around the body in their work. Learning more about the stones that benefit the skin, I have created a grid made with stones.

Here are the stones I used and why I used them:

Illustration by Barbie Frudakis

Illustration by Barbie Frudakis

Rose Quartz: With its gorgeous pink hue, rose quartz is known as the stone of love and beauty. It is meant to help attract love into your life, including much needed self-love. Ancient Egyptians believed it as a beauty stone, massaging their skin with it to smooth out wrinkles and prevent aging.

Aquamarine: Known as the “mermaid stone”, this pale blue and sometimes green stone represents the ocean and can help hold hydration to the skin. It is also an anti-inflammatory that can help detoxify the skin as well as tone down redness. As a mental benefit, it encourages self-respect.

Labradorite: This prism-like greenish black stone will give you a “spiritual facelift”, connecting you to your higher power while reducing stress and anxiety, a major cause of many unwanted skin problems. Labradorite will help tap into your inner consciousness, letting your true beauty shine through.


To make your own crystal grid, arrange these crystals on the face as shown in the picture, find a quiet place to lay down and meditate. Always rinse your crystals with cold water before and after using.

Don't want to go through the hassle of finding each of these stones? You can purchase everything you need right here, including instructions. Hope I've helped raise your vibration!

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