Your Ultimate Summer Guide to Sunscreen


As an esthetician, I have been taught to preach the importance of staying out of the sun. The sun’s UV rays are only 2nd to cigarettes when it comes to skin damage and premature aging.

So what’s a sun worshipper to do?

Here is what you need to know when it comes to protecting your skin on day in the sun:


Don’t exfoliate less than 24 hours before hitting the beach

You’ll be making your skin even more sensitive to the sun’s rays risking a sunburn. In the summer, it’s better to exfoliate less. I recommend once a week.


Choose your sunscreen wisely

What are the most important factors when it comes to choosing the right sunscreen?

  • Broad Spectrum SPF 30 or more: this means it will protect you from ALL the UV rays.

  • Certified Natural: Look at the active ingredients on your sunscreen. If it involves more than Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, it ain’t natural.

  • Reef Safe: Help keep our oceans clean! Don’t purchase anything that isn’t biodegradable.


Know when to apply and reapply

It is recommended that you apply your sunscreen 15 mins before hitting the beach. I have noticed that a lot of brands now put the amount of time recommended to reapply, which is great. Once every hour should work.


Get some shade

The sun is strongest between the hours of 10am-2pm. You can apply and reapply but sometimes you’re going to miss a spot, and burn anyways. I strongly recommend other means of sun protection. Use a beach umbrella, get a big floppy hat, even a beach tent! I recently just bought one for $30 for my very white, always burns never tans fiancé. There’s no assembly, pops right up, and folds down into a tiny tote bag.


When you get home, wash your sunscreen off!

Then hydrate like crazy. The sun can leave your skin as dry as the sand you were on. A moisturizer with aloe is recommended.


As promised, here are some Alchemy Holistics’ approved sunscreen brands:


  • Alba Botanica

  • All Terrain

  • Badger

  • Kiss My Face

  • Raw Elements USA

UPDATED ON 6/20/19:

  • Supergoop (not 100% natural)

  • Coola

  • Juice Beauty

  • Goddess Garden


Stay safe and happy summer!


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