Why are toners important anyway?

Whether it's when I'm performing a facial on one of my clients or selling my products at a market, I keep getting the same question: "What's the deal with toners, anyway?"

It's a fair question. What is toner? To put it shortly, toner is a liquid form of ingredients for quick absorption applied to balance the delicate PH of our facial skin. When our PH is balanced, our skin looks balanced. You know, when your skin looks your best? Redness is calmed, we're not too oily or dry. We just look good. 

There's a wide range of products that fit into the category of toners, and it all depends on the ingredients.


ASTRINGENTS: Usually containing alcohol, and perhaps other acne fighting ingredients like witch hazel, salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide, astringents are used to combat oily/acneic skin, though the ingredients can be very drying and may actually strip your PH, so stay cautious. 

TONER: The umbrella term for these products, toners can offer a wide range of ingredients and benefits. Whether you're oily, dry, looking for an antioxidant boost or some anti-aging power, there's a toner out there for everyone. No excuses!

MISTS/REFRESHERS: These usually are more aimed for hydration and feeding your skin with antioxidants (vitamins for your face!) These can be used as an amazing way to stay hydrated and keep your skin, well, refreshed throughout the day!


So now you have the lowdown on toner, what's the best way to use them? The standard use is after cleansing and before moisturizing, but they're also great to spritz on throughout the day. Whether to get some more hydration into your skin or to combat environmental stress (thanks Trump administration), there's a toner for you!

At Alchemy Holistics, we have two. Our first is our Lavender + Tea Tree Clarifying Toner, an anti-bacterial toner meant to not only keep acne at bay, but also calm redness and combat oil. Our second, is a new product we are SOOOO EXCITED to introduce. In Bloom, a hydrating mist containing aloe, Hibiscus, and both rose and orange blossom water. It smells amazing and is meant to trap hydration into your skin.

Whichever toner you choose to use, keep it in your purse just like your lip balm and spritz yourself throughout the day. Your skin will thank you.